Tian Di Natural Latex

The all-year good weather makes Malaysia one of the best location for rubber plantation. Natural latex from the rubber tree is very versatile and can be molded according to the medical acupoints of a human body through high-technology production.

Natural Latex Bedding is developed with the perfect elasticity to provide the best support that concurs with the human ergonomics. Our products fulfill top requirements in comfort, hygiene and medical benefits, making us the Top Latex Bedding Brand in Asia Pacific.

What is Latex Foam?

Since Charles Goodyear’s discovery of vulcanization, rubber has been used to produce a variety of products. One of the best invention is the natural latex foam that can be stretched to 200% without breaking.

Thanks to its unique high-resilient and elasticity features, natural latex foam is the perfect material for cushioning products.

Reduce Fatigue, Provide Comfortable and Peaceful Sleep

Long Lasting, Easy to Maintain

Elastic Support

Clean & Safe, Environmentally Friendly

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